34. Chaos Communication Congress

»Pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) for Thunderbird via Enigmail: How it works!«
2017-12-27, 17:00–18:00, CCL Hall 3

It's p≡p again. This time, we wanna show some previews on a new piece of software: Thunderbird. We're cypherpunks going for mass encryption - followed by mass anonymization. We've just started to get the first pieces of software out that do email encryption standards like GPG and S/MIME (and MOAR to come!) without additional interaction by the users - they shall just communicate as they always used to, the rest is done by software.

Thunderbird is one of the most commonly used tools for encrypting emails, e.g. taught at cryptoparties worldwide. Their organizers calculate at least with an hour to have all participants sending and receiving encrypted emails. This will change soon, with the help of pretty Easy privacy as an enhancement of pretty good privacy.

We'll run through some basics of the pEp concepts and its architecture, go into some of the tech behind it and show how it works - especially on the example of Thunderbird.

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