34. Chaos Communication Congress

»Microdosing Psychedelics:roundtable discussion«
2017-12-29, 17:00–19:00, Lecture room 12

Despite the dense and controversial history of psychedelics, since around 2000 in Europe and United States researchers have reopened investigations into the potential therapeutic applications of these drugs. However, today a variety of psychedelic uses exist both within and outside of medicine. According to numerous press reports, in Rolling Stones, Wired Magazine, Vice, Marie Claire, The Economist, Forbes, The Washington Post, The Guardian and many other journals, Microdosing Psychedelics appears to gain in popularity within different social spheres, especially in professional fields such as informatics and information technologies. It is also supported for its therapeutic dimension, as we can see it in the book of the lawyer and novelist Ayelet Waldman, A Really Good Day, who explains that microdosing helped her to recover from a depression, and, finally, according to the data collected up till now by the psychologist James Fadiman or the information on current scientific research provided by the association The Third Wave. From a comprehensive and non-evaluative sociological perspective, this self-organized session will be dedicated to the current variety of (non-) therapeutic uses of psychedelics, and will aim to share experiences and opinions related to the theme of microdosing psychedelics.